A day in the life of a Wedding Caterer! – well, a few days at least! #weddingcaterer #5starhospitality

Whoever thought that wedding catering was all hearts and flowers was wrong! Wedding catering is stressful, frenetic, pressurised, BUT…… immensely rewarding. There isn’t a single wedding that I have catered that I haven’t looked at the bride when she arrived and shed a little tear of joy, the pleasure in knowing that 18 months of meetings, menu changes, budget negotiations, changes in numbers, the increased number of dietary requirements discussed has come to fruition and we, Bites to Banquets Wedding & Event Catering are going to be a part of something really special, and help to make someone’s day a magical one! And the best bit about it for us?  We are a small unit, one Chef, one ‘me’ and as many staff as is required, so it is a personal touch from start to finish, just how we like it to be.

18 months earlier – The enquiry comes in often there is a list of what the ideal menu would be, this invariably changes, as do the numbers. So, with the venue booked, the date set, the menus are sent off, and the discussions start. 18 months worth of meetings begin. Do they want co-ordinating linen, will the bridal colours change? How many children will be present, is the menu suitable for children, are there specific dietary needs we need to be aware of, how do they want it served, timings, other service suppliers we need to consider….. so much to discuss, arrange and agree and then.. with all that sorted…. Continue reading