A day in the life of a Wedding Caterer! – well, a few days at least! #weddingcaterer #5starhospitality

Whoever thought that wedding catering was all hearts and flowers was wrong! Wedding catering is stressful, frenetic, pressurised, BUT…… immensely rewarding. There isn’t a single wedding that I have catered that I haven’t looked at the bride when she arrived and shed a little tear of joy, the pleasure in knowing that 18 months of meetings, menu changes, budget negotiations, changes in numbers, the increased number of dietary requirements discussed has come to fruition and we, Bites to Banquets Wedding & Event Catering are going to be a part of something really special, and help to make someone’s day a magical one! And the best bit about it for us?  We are a small unit, one Chef, one ‘me’ and as many staff as is required, so it is a personal touch from start to finish, just how we like it to be. With the wedding season  upon us, wedding bookings for the next 2 years are filling up already and the preparations are already in full swing.

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Choosing your wedding caterer is not an easy decision so… choose wisely #weddingcaterer

We get asked to quote for a great many weddings and events,  and we don’t always get to provide the catering. Sometimes, the date is not available, sometimes our prices are too high, sometimes our menus don’t suit, but every enquiry we receive we respond with a few simple questions in order to ensure that we provide the correct menu, for the correct price to suit the couple who have enquired. When you enquire about menus, any professional caterer will always ask you a number of questions, if you want your catering to be exactly right and to a high standard make sure you consider the questions carefully and have the answers to hand, this could make the difference between your wedding breakfast being perfect or going disastrously wrong.

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Are you getting ‘bums on seats’ during your quieter months – Is a different approach needed #generatingbusiness

Are you getting ‘bums on seats’ during the quiet months? – is a different approach needed? – January-March are notoriously quiet months in the hospitality industry, and a busy Friday and Saturday does not compensate for a slow mid week.  So… how do you get ‘bums on seats’ mid week??  This is one of the main issues we address with our clients, comments such as ‘ if it wasn’t for the weekend trade we wouldn’t survive’ ‘ I have had to let some of the mid week staff go as we just don’t have the covers’… all this can be improved with a few small changes. no customers Continue reading

Bad Front of House Service? Get it Right #goodcustomerservice

It is absolutely no use your chefs providing a fantastic plate of food if your Front of House staff cannot deliver good customer  service. Poor front of house service continues to affect restaurants and food service venuegood customer experiences across the country …..why?
Why do chefs, restaurant owners and managers continue to accept poor service from their front of house staff? Poor front of house service will put your business on ‘the skids’ it will lose you your reputation and your customers, and could ultimately lose you your business.

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Hospitality Consultancy – Is your Menu too big? #hospitalityconsultancy

We are often asked to look at and refine menu’s for our clients.  One of the biggest issues with extensive menu’s is that the chef often likes to showcase his skills and puts things on the menu which rarely sell, and which result in unnecessary wastage.  This is more often than not the case with smaller restaurants who are trying to offer as much as possible to compete with bigger rivals who can offer a cheap and extensive menu. Continue reading