Wedding Traditions & Fables… did you know? #weddingtraditions

Throwing Confetti – The throwing of Confetti over newlyweds pre-dates Christ.  It originates from the Pagan Ritual of showering the happy couple with grain to wish them a fruitful union. These days many couples choose to make their own confetti, cutting Heart Shapes from old Romantic Novels, or books relevant to a theme is a great way to save money


Bridal Bouquet It is said that the origins of a Bridal Bouquet were because hundreds of years ago when people rarely washed or bathed, a Bouquet made the bride smell nice on her wedding day, however, it is also said to have originated from Brides wishing to carry strong smelling flowers and herbs to ward of evil spirits off. Of course these days, many brides choose to have a more personal wedding bouquet which they can keep as a memento of their day . anniebouquet




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